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With our paving experts or contractors at Liberty Pavers Company in Phoenix, AZ, you can select with confidence and we’ll ensure that no matter what you choose is artistically designed, perfectly installed, and well-suited for your landscape so you can enjoy your Phoenix, AZ home for many years to come. So, call us and let us get started with your paving needs at the Phoenix metro area and surroundings!

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A good way to get a pleasing and an attractive patio is with the paving stone patio from Liberty Pavers Company of Phoenix, AZ. Paving stone patios can invite you outdoors to enjoy your morning coffee or watch sunset with refreshing drinks in hand. With us, you can be confident that you’ll have a beautiful patio for your Phoenix, AZ home.

Understanding proper base prep – from excavation depth to selecting and installing the proper materials – is Burke’s number one tip for concrete paver installation success, something he covers thoroughly in the class.

“If you do base prep properly, you’ll never get settling,” Burke said.

One company owner who attended echoed this lesson, saying that he now knows to make “sure your base prep is done properly,” because you won’t have “problems in the future with call backs.”

But Burke not only covers base prep; he goes over paver installation step by step. “I go from start to finish; from designing to estimating (how to determine a price for the job) to installation,” in the class. He also guides students through a hands-on paver installation project during an optional second day, in which participants get to lay paver bricks, use a paver saw to make cuts and even install different types of edges.

Past attendees of the Concrete Pavers class have included landscape professionals who want to learn how to install concrete pavers and expand their menu of services (instead of sub-contracting the service out); landscape designers looking to improve their paver design skills; and homeowners who want to learn more about the process, understand how paver patio costs are estimated, or find out what they should look for when selecting a brick paver contractor.

How Much Does a Paver Patio Cost?

Estimating paver installation costs and determining a job’s price – real-world, practical business skills – are two of the most valued takeaways from the class.

In fact, an Engineer and Landscape Designer whose goal in attending was to “learn the proper installation techniques” ended up leaving with much more: an appreciation for “estimating – very comprehensive!”

Attendees especially appreciated learning about paver cost estimating from someone like Burke, who has been there before.

“I lost money on the first few jobs I did,” Burke admitted. “I ended up paying the homeowners to put in paver patios.”

His goal is to teach students how to avoid the mistakes he made. One way he does this is by sharing a portfolio of his paver jobs and telling students what he charged for each one. He explains how he determined the price – from estimating material costs and labor to adding in his overhead costs and mark-ups.

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