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Concrete Pavers


Solid pavers offer a wide range of style decisions. From exemplary to present day styles, there are different choices that are perfectly fit to various yards, pool regions, and open air kitchens. The exemplary style pavers that impersonate the block’s look are a renowned decision for noteworthy and conventional style homes since it’s the ideal clearing material on the off chance that you like to make a credible and set up look. In any case, the advanced style can be utilized in Mediterranean and present day scenes since it’s not difficult to adjust for us in numerous contemporary plans.

Generally, solid pavers are rectangular fit as a fiddle. They can be square molded or unpredictably formed and laid in various examples, for example, roundabout, herringbone, and bin weave designs. The greatest advantage of solid pavers is its scope of tones. In this manner, you can choose to match and blend tones and substitute contingent upon your favored example.

Solid pavers are ideal for the environment in Idaho Falls since they can ascend with winter freeze just as settle once again into the right spot during summer defrost, empowering them to flex with temperatures where standard cement could break. On the off chance that the harm happens, pavers might be pulled up in the detached segments and re-laid without removing the spot. Solid pavers would cost up to $24 square ft to introduce contingent upon the task’s size, shape, slant, access, and a few factors.

In the event that you are searching for an expert cement paver organization to introduce solid pavers – call us! We will help plan your fantasy hardscape!

Ever wondered why some paved areas look immaculate all year round, while others seem to struggle with weeds and insects? In this article we discuss how to lay concrete pavers on sand and share some tips and tricks to ensure you get the best possible result out of your next project.

Choosing the perfect pavers for your outdoor area is hard enough – let alone having to calculate how much levelling sand is required and whether a self hardening or poymeric sand is worth the extra investment. It’s easy to take short cuts, but the downside is that you will be spending way too much of your precious time making up for it in the years to come.

Bedding sand

Make sure you have a good firm base to place your pavers on. This means your pavers will not subside and become uneven over time. Erosion from wet weatherand sand settling can result in pavers becoming uneven over time. You don’t want to find yourself having to reseat pavers further down the track.

How much sand is needed for pavers

To achieve a firm base from the beginning, you need to make sure you have the correct depth of sand under pavers. We recommend allowing for a depth of at least 30mm loose sand. This will pack down to about 20-25mm depending on the method you use for packing and will allow for drainage without your pavers shifting. A coarse graded sand such as Easy Mix Paver Bedding & Screeding Sand is ideal as the particle sizes will allow you to slide your pavers into position easily while you are bedding them.

Two 20kg bags will cover an area of approximately 1 square metre at a depth of 30mm. Using this as a guide, you can calculate how much sand for pavers will be needed for your project.

The importance of packing your bedding sand

It is essential to pack sand for pavers and choose a method that is suitable for the size of your project. If your project is large, a vibrating compactor is a great choice. Hiring one from your local Bunnings will prove to be a major time saver and an excellent investment. You will need to use it more than once in your project. Vibrating will ensure that the sand bed is tight and firm. Simply rolling over it with a weight or walking over it, will not guarantee that the sand settles into every crevice.

Failure to pack bedding sand has been the downfall of many a DIY paving project! Without a firm bed, your pavers are likely to shift – either rising or dipping and will result in a somewhat messy look.


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