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If you are living in the Chandler, Arizona area, hiring Liberty Pavers for your paving needs may come in handy. Hiring us means you are machining a good investment in your property. You deserve to enjoy your outdoor space at your Chandler, AZ home to its fullest. We can improve your outdoor area’s curb appeal in no time!

What is a good way to accent your simple yard and navigate you to destinations than with a beautiful new paving stone walkways to guide you to your journey at your Chandler, AZ home. Installation with Liberty Pavers Company can be done fast. However, you can be sure that its luxury will last for a lifetime once you let us install it at your home.

A solid paving stone walkway with artistic designs is a good way to combine gorgeous style and easy accessibility to your Chandler, AZ home. If you don’t have special accessibility requirements, your walkway’s style with separate circular stones, frequently with designs looks beautiful and very quaint. If you are in Chandler, AZ, we got your paving projects covered!

Below, we’ve listed the top five paver maintenance tips that will help you keep them safe and beautiful for years to come.

Tip 1: Break Out the Broom

One of the best things you can do to keep your pavers looking great is to sweep them daily. Giving them a quick once over will prevent the buildup of dust, soil, leaves, and other debris that can not only cause stains, but collect in those tiny nooks and crannies.

t’s also a good idea to sweep your pavers if you’re expecting rain because this will make cleanup easier later on.

Tip 2: Give Pavers a Good Rinse

After you sweep your brick and stone pavers, it’s a good practice to give them a thorough rinsing with the garden hose. This way, you’re going to be clearing away the debris, rather than just moving it from one part of your driveway or patio to another.

And if your area is prone to mold or moss, hitting it with a power washer is probably your best bet, especially if there are uneven surfaces that are likely to collect standing water.

Tip 3: Wash With Your Preferred Paver Cleaning Solution

In addition to daily sweeping and rinsing, you’ll also want to routinely wash your brick and stone pavers with your preferred cleaning solution. You might prefer good old dish soap and water, or you might choose a gentle cleanser, such as Simple Green®, and clean with a rag or sponge. 

Another solution that’s tough on dirt and debris and you probably already have in your cupboard is white vinegar and water. Remember, though, only to use white vinegar, as darker varieties can stain your pavers. You’ll also need to let the vinegar solution absorb into the stones for about an hour before washing away with soap and water.  

No matter which cleaning method you choose, you’ll also want to scrub your driveway and patio pavers gently with a bristle brush. This bit of paver maintenance will ensure you’re clearing away the soil and gunk, especially in the crevices and other hard-to-reach areas.

A word of caution, though: If your driveway has oil stains, these methods won’t cut it. You’ll need to clean with an oil remover instead.

Tip 4: Seal Them Up

Sealing your brick and stone pavers is one of the very best ways to maintain them. In general, you should reseal them every one to two years, especially if you’re using pavers on a patio or driveway that both can see a lot of use. This will not only help protect them from the outdoor elements, but it will also make cleanup a breeze. 

If you make sure to properly seal your pavers, then generally all you’ll need to do to keep them looking great is to give them a regular rinse with the garden hose. And, as a bonus, the sheen of a good sealant can make pavers that have been around for years look like new again.

Tip 5: Replace Chipped and Broken Pavers

Replacing your broken paving stones will probably be the most difficult part of paver maintenance. However, it’s essential not only for looks, but also for safety. Uneven and broken stones will also collect dirt, debris, and even standing water—not to mention the risk to people, pets, and vehicles.

If you’re comfortable, you can usually replace broken and stained paving stones in just a couple of hours. To install replacement pavers, you’ll simply need your replacement stone, some filler sand, and edging to keep the pavers in place while they cure. 

Prepare the subsoil for the paver to rest on the same level as the surrounding stones, taking care to remove any debris, weeds, grasses, or roots that might displace or crack the stone. Position the stone and then use the sand to fill the spaces between the stones and your edging to keep the paver in place until it sets. Finally, apply sealant to make your brick paver maintenance a snap.

If you’re not comfortable replacing your pavers, though, or if your driveway or patio pavers have major damage, it may be time to replace them with new ones that better suit the space. Choosing the best pavers for your space will depend not only on the look you are going for but also on how you will use the area.

Driveway pavers, for example, are thicker and more durable, rated to be able to withstand the weight of firetrucks. On the other hand, poolside patio pavers are slip-resistant and made for the comfort of bare feet.

If you’re still feeling stuck, talk to someone from a local paver installation company who can help you choose the right materials for your space.

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