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Mesa, AZ Pavers

Mesa, Arizona Pavers

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Paving stones are an affordable and beautiful way to add a lifetime of maintenance-free and luxury to your Mesa, AZ home. With our patterns, styles, and color options, you will own an exceptional piece of functional artwork. We specialize in all kinds of paving stones and pavers. Call us now for your Mesa, AZ paving projects!

Yes you can afford timeless style, elegant beauty, and enduring longevity of an exceptional paving stone driveway from Liberty Pavers Company for your Mesa, AZ home. Paving projects can be done easy and simple with our skilled team of workers. Just give us a phone call and get the best value of your investment!

Driveway’s paving stones isn’t liable to chip or crack, which means that it can withstand wear and tear and your car’s weight parking on your Mesa, AZ home driveway. Aside from that, paving stone driveways are made up of numerous small pieces locked together. Thus, it can withstand shifting ground. So, if you need help for your Mesa, AZ paving project, let Liberty Pavers Company do the job for you.

It’s no secret that here at Mesa Brick Pavers, we love pavers. We’ve been selling them for over 40 years and have seen firsthand how versatile, durable and cost-effective they can be in a wide range of settings.

Whether you’re using them for a stylish driveway or to add the finishing touch to your alfresco entertaining area – or anything in between – our huge range of pavers means that we have the materials you need to achieve the look you’re going for.

Making the right choice of pavers is very important, but if you don’t lay them properly then you’re never going to get the stunning aesthetic appeal that you’re aiming for.

Even if they do look good at first, improperly laid pavers are highly likely to move, shift and even break over time (especially if they’ve been in an area that gets a lot of use). This means that you’ll eventually have to invest more time, effort and money into re-laying, repairing and replacing them.

When it comes to laying pavers, the old saying “do it once and do it well” definitely applies. That’s why we’ve put together this expert guide to help you out.

If you’re going to be doing it yourself, the materials you need (such as compactor and brick saw) can be easily hired. Make sure to take safety precautions, like wearing steel capped shoes, eye protection and hearing protection where necessary.

Even if you’re not laying your own pavers, it pays to know what’s involved so you can make sure that whoever’s doing it does a quality job. You don’t want to get stung with those extra re-laying and repair costs we mentioned earlier.

A control joint is a 10-15mm gap between sections of the paved area that is filled with a compressible material such as Abel Flex. They help to account for the paving expansion and contraction that occurs with a change in temperature.

Where unrestrained edging is used and pavers are laid with the correct gaps between them, control joints are generally not required. However, in large areas restrained by walls, kerbing or long driveways, it might be necessary to include them.

The spacing of your control joints will vary depending on your pattern design and should be positioned at points of stress like re-entrant corners (and at points not exceeding 6 metres apart).

It’s also important to remember that dark colours tend to move more and that your paving will always give way at the weakest point – usually the edge restraint – so take this into consideration when laying your pavers and spacing your control joints.

Not all pavers need sealing. However, we highly recommend sealing our masonry pavers as soon as they’re laid (and completely dry). This will help to slow down the absorption of any spills that could potentially stain and ruin their appearance (but you should definitely still clean up any spills as soon as possible to make sure this doesn’t happen).

As for the application of the particular sealer that you’ve chosen, we recommend consulting the instructions on the packaging or talking to the manufacturer or a contractor for more advice on the correct method.

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