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Patio Pavers Chandler

Patio Pavers Chandler

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Transforming your outdoor living space begins from the ground up. From the driveway to your outdoor patio, your paths and walkways can help craft a beautiful look and feel for your home or business. Creating elegant pathways that lead to and from your home not only offers a wonderful way to welcome guests, they can be the first prideful steps towards completing your home’s essence.

Landscaping material suppliers Liberty Paverz proudly offers Sun Lakes paving products of all shapes, sizes, and styles to compliment and complete any building’s look and feel. Serving Cook County and Lake County, IL, our Sun Lakes paver suppliers provide homeowners, contractors, and building developers with the perfect solutions for outdoor spaces.

When it comes to building a brand new patio, Liberty Paverz has a complete range of patio blocks and paving products. Our Sun Lakes paving products are available in a wide variety of contemporary and classic styles, ensuring a perfect fit for your outdoor space. Whether it’s brick, concrete, or decorative stone, the products we carry offer strength, durability, and environmentally-friendly designs.

Our pavers and Sun Lakes paving products are perfect for walkways and driveways, too. Long-lasting brick pavers and durable stone slabs can add elegance and beauty to the space surrounding your home or business. Even better, our Sun Lakes permeable paving products incorporate open space for drainage or soil for grass turf.


In terms of quality, clay brick pavers come second to natural stones. They are the earliest forms of pavers, dating back in the time of Sumerians. Making clay bricks takes a lot of work. Each piece is hardened under very high temperature for about 40 hours. All this is really worth it in the end.

See the old structures built with clay brick pavers. There’s no doubt that structures built with bricks last forever. These are not only perfect for patios but also for driveways, pathways, and around the garden.


Despite the greatness of stone and clay pavers, the industry’s favorite is still concrete pavers. The cost is unmatched. Even the variety of design is unrivaled. But, since manufactured, such pavers are only as good as their manufacturer’s workmanship.

This is the reason we partnered with Belgard. As a certified installer of these pavers, our clients are assured that their patios will not only become the most beautiful areas in the home but will also last a lifetime.


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